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Monday, October 6, 2008

Kiteboarding Is Not A Crime!

I have started a website called Never Stop Kiteboarding (click on link below) where our main focus is dedicated to preserving the Kiteboarding Lifestyle! We are trying to create the largest list of Kiteboarders on the planet and use it to educate, inform and create a very large community of caring and responsible Kiteboarders! Please Kite safely and responsibly and by doing so we can all insure a great future for Kiteboarding.
Come visit our site and help us build that community!


I remember an encounter with one of my best friends shortly after I had learned, I was in one of the local surf shops where he worked, I had not spoken with him in awhile and the first words out of his mouth were..."I heard you have gone to the Dark Side", of course he is an avid windsurfer! I replied with a smile, "yes and loving every minute of it". Now of course he was just kidding around, he does believe in equal rights and access for all ocean users.

Unfortunately there are many who do not. Kiteboarding has become the evil stepchild of the water enthusiast's world. Just like Skateboarding and Snowboarding had on land. Here in Hawaii many of those that are against Kiteboarding seem to come from the Windsurfing Community. Why is that? Do these Windsurfers forget that 20 years ago they were fighting for the same access rights as we are now? After all, we come from the same mold we all love the wind! Most Kiteboarders crossed over (to the "Dark Side") from Windsurfing. We have no problem sharing, why can't everyone else feel the same?

Aloha, Erik

I first became interested in the sport about 5 years ago; I am a professional boat captain by trade and used to watch with amazement as a few intrepid souls would surf waves and catch massive amounts of air as I sailed past them off the West Side of Maui. I had windsurfed for many years and was amazed at how easily these guys could jump and then return to the surface with such ease. When a Windsurf board leaves the surface of the water it comes down fast and hard. After procrastinating for close to two years I finally decided that I would learn how to Kiteboard. After the initial butt kicking I was off and running and now cannot find anything I would rather do with my off time.

One of the reasons I have become so enamored with the sport of Kiteboarding is because of the people. Most everyone I have met is just awesome, they are caring wonderful people who love to have fun and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Every time I have needed help there has always been another Kiteboarder there willing to help. I have also witnessed countless rescues of Windsurfers in distress by none other then Kiteboarders! Now of course there are a few bad apples out there that seem to cause problems and break the rules. But there are those in all sports and walks of life in general. The rest of us should not be punished for the acts of a few.

Kiteboarding Is Not A Crime!

Just recently on the Island of Oahu there was a renegade Kiteboarder near Diamond Head that has been causing all kinds of havoc with Surfers and Swimmers. He had caused so much trouble that there was a call by many to severely restrict or even eliminate Kiteboarding and this time (Windsurfing as well) in certain areas at the State level and a bill was being introduced to the State Senate to do just that. A couple who run a Kiteboarding school on Maui flew to Oahu on a moments notice and armed with many testimonials from other concerned Kiteboarders ask to be heard at the Senate hearing. Luckily the bill was shelved at least for a time, but the threat of restricted access for us Kiteboarders still looms. Individuals who break the rules should be punished individually and not threaten the rights of all.

Kiteboarding Is Not A Crime!



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