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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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The latest interesting offering from Tokyo Marui (TM) is the AK74MN. Several things make this gun special. First, is the fact that the body of the gun is constructed out of metal. Most TM guns use plastic bodies. I only know of one other TM gun that has a metal body. It's finally nice to see TM catch up a bit with the competition and put out some metal body guns.

Third, they use a new magazine design, so your older AK mags will not work with this gun.

A Review of the Tokyo Marui AK74MN Airsoft Gun

The consistency of the BB velocity is another highlight for this gun. While using a chronograph, the gun consistently fired in the 310-311 feet per second (FPS) range. While no thorough accuracy tests were conducted, BB groups were generally tight during our shooting session. Only Excel 0.20g BBs were used throughout this test.

In the states, it's going to be priced at over 400 dollars. A bit pricey, but considering what you get, I think it's a decent deal.

The recoil is a nice touch. No way does it feel like you're firing a 308 round but it still does add something to the realism. The recoil is similar to what you feel in your typical arcade gun game.

The build quality is typical TM. That means that it's solid and it doesn't feel cheap at all. A metal Tokyo Marui gun! You finally don't have to buy an aftermarket metal body kit.

With the new magazine design, I found the gun fired to the very last round unlike your typical AK airsoft mag. Again...your older AK mags will not work with this gun. Standard mags cost about $27 each.

I had an opportunity to test fire this gun at a local airsoft shop and came away quite impressed with the end results.

Second, is the innovative, new recoil system. When firing the gun, there's some light recoil and the bolt cycles back and forth. I guess one con from the inclusion of a recoil system is the added complexity and possible reduced battery life. I can't properly comment on its battery life since I haven't fired this gun for an extended period.


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