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Thursday, October 16, 2008

G60 Pistol Grip Shotgun Spring Operated Airsoft Gun - Black (Misc.) newly tagged "airsoft gun"

G60 Pistol Grip Shotgun Spring Operated Airsoft Gun - Black
G60 Pistol Grip Shotgun Spring Operated Airsoft Gun - Black (Misc.)
By Galaxy

Buy new: $14.95

First tagged "airsoft gun" by P. Pourmehr "paulshop"
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CAMCORDER BASED SYSTEM If you own a camcorder with an analog AV input, an Ex View Bullet Camera is a great choice . The bullet style camera connects to your camcorder AV port to allow you to record all the action without holding the camcorder. These Ex View cams are great for night riding or low light conditions. With a camcorder based system, the video is DVD quality and you can record for about 90 minutes.

ULTIMATE DVR SYSTEMS Sometimes paying a little more is well worth it if you get a better quality helmet camera. The Elmo SUV Cam II is all digital and records to an SD card as well. It is easy to use and operate. It has one touch recording which makes it easy to use with gloves on. The DVR has it's own screen to set up your shot and replay videos. You can also playback straight to your TV or PC. The benefits of a DVR system like the ELMO are it's small size, DVD quality recording, and ease of use.

WIRELESS HELMET CAMERA The wireless cameras like theOregon Scientific ATC 3K are great because you don't have to mess with all the wires like the camcorder based system. This camera is really easy to use. The videos are recorded to an SD card which makes it easy to put them on your computer and share them with your friends. This helmet cam is waterproof up to 10 feet and shock resistant also, so if you are caught in rainy conditions; don't worry ,you're protected. The video quality of this wireless helmet camera is good but not as good as that of the camcorder or the Ultimate DVR systems.

What type of Helmet Camera Video System do I need ?

Author Nicole Douglas

Whether you are skydiving, kayaking, or just out for a Sunday ride, you want a video system to record all the excitement, but you're not sure what kind you need. There are three common helmet camera video system types. They are; analog, wireless, and ultimate DVR. With the information below you will be able to determine which helmet camera video system is best for you.


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